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Pre - Inspection Checks

Our Services | Pre - Inspection Checks

Kian Teong's pre inspection service is performed by qualified mechanics.

Here a qualified mechanic, using a vehicle inspection ramp, will carry out the checks in detail. Inspection includes:

  1. Gearbox
  2. Wheel Alignment
  3. Suspensions
  4. Bodywork
  5. Exhaust system
  6. Undercarriage
  7. General condition of the Engine.

Electrical & Mechanical Repairs

Our Services | Electrical & Mechanical Repairs

We at Kian Teong Auto Centre undertake all forms of mechanical repairs from brakes to major engine work. Call us now for all your mechanical needs. Our workshop is equipped for bearing pressing and thread cutting if necessary. Welding repairs can be carried out if required. Our Hydraulic Ramps Will Lift Up To 3.5ton.

We at Kian Teong Auto Centre are also able to diagnose and repair faults to a high standard on most vehicles from a bulb to an ECU (electronic control unit) repair-fit an alarm, an automatic reversing aid or a tow bar. The modern technician is trained from apprentice / trainee stage in these integrated systems so that specialising is less common or to put it another way every technician is an electrician.

Injector Service & Clean

Our Services | Injector Service & Clean

The purpose of cleaning and flow-testing is to:

  1. remove any contaminants inside or outside the injector that impede fuel flow or degrade fuel
  2. to accurately measure each injector's fuel flow ability.
  3. acquire quantitative data on injector performance the vehicle owner can use in matching injectors or tuning the engine's fuel system.

Any set of fuel injectors will benefit from Kian Teong's clean and flow service, This is even true of new injectors because the individual-injector and system-total fuel flows must be known for performance tuning purposes. It is not uncommon for a set of original equipment (OE) injectors to have an unacceptably wide range of fuel flow and it's possible to even have new injectors that do not function properly. Kian Teong's standard testing process identifies those problematic injectors.